A Yield Farming Game built in the Cannaverse

Launching Q3 2021 Built in the Cannaverse
A DeFi Game built from the ground up
  • Established Bridges to Binance, Ethereum, and Polygon Network
  • Native Farming Assets across chain
  • Partnered with 0.Exchange, Polygon, and AAVE
  • A new era of Farming Solutions
Four components
  • NFT plots that emit $GROW tokens for 4 year
  • Private plots for farming or advertising
  • Ability to link to other platforms
  • Buy/Sell on OpenSea.io
How to Grow
Own NFT Land Plots to earn $GROW daily
Plant Money Trees to Farm native tokens
Various rewards for various timed staking
Earn $GROW tokens or native assets
Create your tokens cross-chain liquidity pools with $GROW
Use $GROW as a seed to sale fiat free payment solution